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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

catching the virus?

By the end of May, a thought started creeping up on me at random times, an insidious, disconcerting, disturbing leitmotif, like the edge of an obsession: that I am not doing enough. I would run in the morning, and sense vaguely that I could do better during an evening repeat. My mind would circle back to more running, to cross-training, to a further push, to increased mileage, to upping and improving... sometime further during the day...

Not that I meant to really do it. Not that I actually entertained the thought. I already had enough to deal with as it were. It's just that I was encountering this constant feeling that I am not doing enough. As if I were contaminated by the drive to run...


At 11:10 PM, Anonymous Emil A. said...

Very good observation! The obsession that you are not doing enough creeps up on most runners. Pay attention to your body and you are going to do well!


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