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Wednesday, January 06, 2016


One thing I like about running 100 miles is how it changed my perspective. I mean, of course, the idea of running 100 miles, since I haven't run that yet.

But even without having run it, the way I perceive distances has changed, radically, yet almost without me noticing when it happened. Before I ran my first marathon, a marathon was this incredible distance that I hoped to cover somehow, crawling if need be. Far out there. When I started training for a 50, a marathon became... duuuh, the halfway point. Now, thinking about a 100, marathons - I read this on a bumper sticker - are cute. A 50 is a warm-up run.

The body might think differently about this. But the mind, the mind has already adapted.


At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Chinyere Obasi said...

You put in a good effort at Prairie Spirit 100 last weekend and it was nice sharing some miles with you. You should put in for Tunnel Hill 100 in November as this is a very similar race or even the fall extravaganza also on the same Prairie Spirit Trail. I know I'll see you again soon on another're a survivor!
Chinyere Obasi


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