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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

in a bide for time

Sometimes, now, four months into running, I do not know anymore if running takes time away from other things, or if those interests cut into the running time. But at the beginning I simply could not envision how and whence I would produce all these extra hours of dedication. And because I could not produce extra time (there’s no place where one can buy a few slices of time, a span, a minute, or even a blink), I had to fall back on producing some excess dedication. I remember now how I ‘miled’ in those first weeks, always under time pressure, always in a hurry to get back to something else. One night we had a guest for dinner and I sped things up because I needed to get home and start cooking. On the menu we had cauliflower cream soup, and crab cakes with cauliflower-bean-brandade (from a recipe I had once ripped out the New York Times Sunday Magazine) and mesclun salad. I put home-grown arugula in the salad, from the pot I keep in the south window. It was a nice menu. I did not want to give up on social life. And I haven’t actually. We had a friend over yesterday as well, and my boyfriend grilled something. It would not cross my mind now to hurry through the running session in order to start cooking.


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