from mile to marathon

The journey of a thousand leagues begins from beneath your feet.

Monday, June 28, 2010

time is short

After Oklahoma I did not run for a month. I meant to, but I am far too lazy to run after a race. Then, one night when I was restless for ill-defined reasons, I picked myself up and did two miles.

I did this a few more times to my own amazement. With the exception of the time three years ago when I first started running and had no idea when I would be ready for 26 miles, I never ran without a specific marathon in mind, I never ran for the sake of running. So, in order to remedy the situation, I started to look around for a marathon.

I decided on a tiny August 15 race in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Leading Ladies Marathon, women only. Not sure why, perhaps because I want to take pictures in the Badlands. Not sure why I am running another marathon in the first place. I told myself that I am doing it because Oklahoma had a such a neat finish, but each marathon is different. That experience won't repeat itself.

In any case, I better work hard. Two weeks ago my weekly output was two miles.