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Friday, March 29, 2013

to add some intensity

...I thought I would run a 50-miler. After Berlin and before I quit running, since it was so hard and time-consuming to keep doing everything. Squeeze it in, so to speak. I would look at Berlin as a starting point, a base line, train very hard for a month or so, put in 50 miles, undertrained or not, and only then stop running.

It was more an idle thought than a plan. A 50-miler would take hours and hours of training which I didn't have. Besides, I could barely finish 26 miles - what made me think I could possibly double that?

I looked a bit at 50-milers though, came upon a few that looked doable, no hard terrain, no ups-and-downs. I even found one in the right time frame, about a month after Berlin. November 3rd, Nashville. Hmmm... we could have barbecue after the race.


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