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Friday, July 26, 2013

going around in circles

I was thinking I could never run Boston, since the qualifying time is way below my personal best. But I could run... more. So I set my eyes vaguely on a 50-miler sometime in fall.

With this in mind I also started running regularly, more than I had before, four times a week at least. This might sound normal or even modest, but it's more than I ever did without being signed up for something a month or two ahead. More than 20 miles a week, week after week. To me, this is solid mileage.

After a month or so of this I started thinking about a triathlon. A mini triathlon. The 5K I can handle, right? Then I cross-train with my bike from time to time, a leisurely ride here and there, I could make it more consistent and put the biking and running together. Two out of three. I only need to add the swimming.

Now, the swimming is a bit tricky. I can do breaststroke, learned it as a child, and I am comfortable in the water. So I need to learn crawl and practice endurance for a half a mile. There, that's a sprint triathlon.

I found one, an hour away from my house, at the end of July.

That was, approximately, my train of thought. I biked more and in June I started going to the pool at an YMCA. I didn't give up on my weekly mileage though. I thought about it but thinking just increased it a bit instead of taking it down. The 50-miler in fall is still at the back of my mind.

A couple of weeks ago, out of nowhere, another crazy thought crossed my mind - what if I would work very hard, in ways I don't even know, and try to qualify for Boston?

It's just a thought.


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