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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

cut-off time

First, I made the cut-off time. I was supposed to reach the transition area, after the bike ride, by 9:30, and I actually left it, ready to run, at 9:28.

Secondly, there was no cut-off time. Yeah, I know, I am confused too. The website and the email with instructions said yes ("bike course closed"), answers to inquiries said no ("do not worry about that"), organizers at packet pick-up said yes again ("if you are not in the transition area by then we won't let you run"), and practically, on the spot, no one closed the course or mentioned cut-off times.

One thing I noticed is that the start was delayed and the first waves, more or less, started late, so it wouldn't have made sense to enforce a cut-off.

And it doesn't matter, since I made it anyhow.

But I am still puzzled. Going into a race, wouldn't you want to know?


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