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Wednesday, September 04, 2013


On Labor Day I went out on the foothills to check out the trails. This was the day after my big run, and I didn't intend it to be a serious workout. Just wanted to see how I can deal with running uphill.

The Wisconsin race has 1,700 feet in elevation gain. Per loop. Five loops. Yeah. Had to transform that in meters to get an idea. Over 500 m every 10 miles or so. Still have no idea. I guess I will make a little drawing to scale and compare that to the slope on the trails.

I didn't go very far out, because I had told a couple of people where I'm going and they warned me about bears. The current trend in New Mexico is bear visits, that is bears come into town. I had not thought about that before, but if I were a bear, that's where I could come into town from, the foothills. I am not a bear, so I might be wrong, but it's not likely they will come in from the highway.

So I picked a trail that was visible in its length from the trailhead, and did that a few times up and down. The first time it was excruciating, then I got used to it. Harder on the lungs than on the legs. Guess I have to go there again.

Didn't see any bears, although the news reported three sightings that day.

Oh, and I am developing a little bit of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Have to abstain from checking my site all the time to see who else has donated.


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