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Monday, September 16, 2013


Saturday I wavered between running trails and cross-training at the pool.

Doing trails requires extra time because I have to drive there, and the foothills are too deserted to start while it's dark outside. So I can do it in the mornings only when I don't go to work. Saturday it was raining. I had the big run planned for Sunday, when it was supposed to rain as well, and I have only one pair of running shoes. Two days in a row with soggy shoes didn't seem like a good idea.

I know it's smart to alternate shoes, and I intended often to buy two pairs, just never got to it, in all these years. I probably will for the Wisconsin race, since it might be wet. Running 50 miles with wet shoes means not only blisters and extra weight, but also cold and unpleasantness, and there is already enough going on to guarantee discomfort. I will probably end up buying two pairs at the same time, because I already put close to 500 miles on the pair I have right now. One pair might be for trail running.

As to the swimming, the pool has been closed on and off and will be closed again. I will wait it out, since I can totally afford this place and it's not far from my house. It was open on Saturday, so (even if trail running seemed to be more of a priority) that's where I went. I liked it. The cross-training always comes so easy, and is so pleasant, I feel as if I am taking the easy way out.

The rain had stopped by the time I left the pool. The roads were still wet though; driving home, I had a car accident. So the car got a bit banged up, and I got more than lucky. I am all right, but I have to get the car fixed. Which means it's going to be harder to buy two pairs of running shoes.


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