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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

where did it go?

The scab came of my knee last week, so I went swimming again. I liked it.

Between cross-training (bike and swim), tempo runs, the big run, and hill work, the day of rest disappeared. Last week I trained every day, even twice one day.

I sulked a bit that I lost the one day when I could sleep longer, but otherwise I didn't mind. I thought if I have to, then I can do it again, until the race if need be.

A bit later I remembered the rest day is not there for my enjoyment, it has a purpose. It's supposed to promote recovery and prevent injury. So it doesn't matter where the rest day went, but I have to bring it back, put it back in.

I was reminded of a theater show I saw once, "Somewhere between Tuesday and Wednesday, your true day must have gotten lost."

Never mind, I'll find it. I'll put it back in the schedule. I'll even enjoy it.


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