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Thursday, October 17, 2013

by the numbers (with comments)

Number of days until the race: 16

Highest weekly mileage so far: 47 (if we count Monday-Sunday; I actually put 58 miles in one stretch of 7 days, the most I ever did)

Longest "time on my feet" so far: 4h 51min 27sec (this was the Portland marathon - of course technically I was on my feet longer then that, walking to and from the race and just standing around)

Days my fundraising page has been up: 48

Number of people who have donated: 18 (I had hoped for more)

Average donation: $35.55 (I had expected much less)

Number of people who implied they are not financially able to donate and in the next sentence asked me if I want to go out for dinner: 1 (why would someone who doesn't care what I might think about this want my company for dinner?)

Number of people who said they wouldn't support this cause but they consider supporting me: 2 (one decided against it; not sure about the other one)

Money raised so far $640

Percent to goal: 12.8%

Number of days Leonard Peltier has spent in prison: 13767

Number of letters I have sent to President Obama asking him to free Leonard Peltier: 57 (one of the better ones made it past the gatekeepers to the Department of Justice and I got a response from the Office of Pardon Attorneys that said Mr. Peltier's reduction of sentence has been found unwarranted in 2009 and he is eligible to submit another application "should he care to do so" - made it sound as if the reason clemency is not actively considered is that Leonard Peltier is behind with his paperwork)


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