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Thursday, October 03, 2013

like a prayer

I am confused as to how this works, training for an ultra. Not sure again if I am undertrained (not enough mileage) or over-trained (not enough recovery). This has happened before (I was both at once), but then we were talking marathons. With double that distance it's a bit more critical to get it right.

Still haven't wrapped my mind around what the Ironman from Nashville said - it's not about mileage, it's about time on your feet and intensity. Which translates to mileage.

I read something similar once. Ultras are not about speed, and not even about distance - they are about time on your feet. Cool enough, but not really eye-opening either. Let's say I spend 12 hours on my feet in the kitchen, preparing a splendid dinner. Food may turn out to be fabulous, but this is not a moveable feast - at the end of the day I am still in the kitchen.

An ultra is not really about time, at least not about time alone. Maybe it is about movement.

Movement. That actually sounds good. Movement is action. It's something you can do. I can't get Leonard Peltier out of prison, but I can run a race for him.

I will do this race like a prayer. I am going to sing it like a song.


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