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Saturday, December 23, 2006

winter in New Mexico

Okay, not exactly blizzard, snowstorm, or even steady snow. Just a brief flash of white in December.

I have been thinking about my commitment to three cigarettes a day, I mean at most three, of course, not that I was obliging myself to smoke three against my will, he, he. It's time to go down to two, and I have been reluctant to make the resolution, since I am not sure I am ready yet. Once I commit, I have to stick to it, and I don't feel like tormenting myself. Limiting myself to three is hard as it is.

On the other hand, I cannot postpone it much longer. Sometime before the next race, I thought. Mid-January with its half-marathon is approaching fast, so I decided. Not January 1st, that's too corny. But right after Christmas, December 26th. Two cigarettes a day at most.


At 1:15 PM, Blogger Deene said...

best wishes on your commitment to cut down on the cigarettes. you sound like you have the strength to kick the habit.

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Good luck kicking the cigarette habit, I am thinking that will be harder than training for a marathon. But you can do it!!

Maybe I'll see you at a local race sometime?!!

Run Happy!

At 6:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck with your goal. Hopefully it'll be easier than you think. Think of how much faster you'll be once you kick the habit. :)

Thanks for the positive words on my blog. Happy running!

At 7:00 PM, Blogger Journey to a Centum said...

Wow! OK Marathon girl, you can break this addiction to cigarettes! Try adding one more mile to your run for each cigarette you give up. As we say in Marathon Maniacs "You Can Do It!"

At 7:44 PM, Blogger robtherunner said...

The only way I finally managed to cut out cigarettes all together was by running more. Once running became a huge part of who I was I decided that smoking did not fit into my lifestyle anymore. It certainly was not easy, but as Eric said, "YOU CAN DO IT!"

At 8:50 PM, Blogger Brooklyn said...

I, too, believe you can kick the habit. I'll make it easy for you: send all your cigarette money to me, XLBrooklyn, at PO Box....

At 3:40 AM, Blogger E-Speed said...

Quitting is so worth the effort! You will feel so much better all the time once you are able to drop the habit completely!

Good luck with that and the Phoenix training! I am guessing the better training gets the more likely that the quitting gets easier too.

At 7:36 PM, Blogger Lora said...

I'm rooting for you. Nicotine is the hardest drug to beat...but it can be done. Hang in there!!


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